Additional Services

Find additional resources that the Zelienople Area Public Library offers to our patrons.

Allrecipes connects home cooks with their greatest sources of inspiration — other home cooks. We’re the world’s leading digital food brand, and that inspires us to do everything possible to keep our community connected.

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Arts & Culture

Take a look at some of the world’s most famous pieces of art and gain a deeper understanding about them and the people who created them.

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Center for Community Resources

CCR provides supportive services for individuals and families seeking information, referral, and service coordination. Areas include mental healthintellectual disabilitiessubstance abuse and other human service needs. Serving all PA counties. 

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Chat With A Librarian

PA’s 24/7 virtual reference service –  Chat with a Librarian – where experienced librarians help Pennsylvanians find factual answers and provide them with research guidance.

Our librarians use information available in the POWER Library’s databases and other online resources to find the most accurate answers available.

Library By Mail Program

This program provides a way for homebound residents in Armstrong, Butler, Lawrence, or Mercer County to receive library materials through the mail. This program is sponsored by the New Castle District Center and is provided to you at no cost.

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Life Skills

100 Skills Everyone Should Know from Popular Mechanics

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Mobile Hotspot Program

This program provides wifi internet access by using a mobile hotspot device. The devices allow connection up to 10 devices at a time and are available to patrons that have a library card.

Checking the Availability of the Mobile Hotspots: 

  • Navigate to the online catalog at
  • Use the search terms:  “coolpad surf”
  • If need be, use the filter options to the left of that site to limit the location results to only ‘Zelienople Area’; at the time of this writing (12/2020), this will not be necessary.

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Helping low income individuals solve their legal problems. Understand your legal issue and solve your legal problem. 

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Pennsylvania Legal Forms

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. Included on this page are forms for filing civil complaints, private criminal complaints and notices of settlement when cases are privately resolved.

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Teen Drug Abuse Information

It is vital for parents of teenagers to understand teen drug use, how it affects their developing brains, how to talk to them about drugs, signs associated with teen drug abuse, and the most effective treatment options available to them.

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Official online guide to government info and services.

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ZAPL Librarian Assistance

We offer reference assistance – finding information & materials for school, hobby, personal learning, presentations, relaxation, etc.  

We offer information assistance – how to use the computer, Facebook, Google Drive, etc; how to download ebooks; and much more.

To ensure that we are available at a time that is convenient for you, call us at 724-452-9330 or email or come in to receive reference or information assistance! You can also make an appointment for a more involved question or where a demonstration would be helpful.