Zelie Library Puzzle Hunt

Watch the Puzzle Hunt trailer!

The Librarian has been captured!  We need your help to find the criminal and free the Librarian.  Part scavenger-hunt, part escape room, lots of puzzles.Buy Tickets

Gather a team to play, or try to solve it by yourself.  Difficulty level is geared to adults or teens, with content and elements that will also make it fun for the whole family.  A great date event, family fun day, or escapade with friends.

Receive a small prize if you successfully complete the Puzzle Hunt.

A Library fundraiser, the cost will be $30 per team, or $20 for an individual.

Work on solving the Puzzle Hunt anytime between July 23rd and August 7th, during Library Open Hours.

The Library will also be open until 9pm on Friday, July 23rd for a special Puzzle Hunt Late Night event.


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What to expect:

How long will it take?  

Plan for about 2 hours, during Library Open Hours.  It does not have to be completed all at once – can be broken up into approx. 30-45 minute chunks.

Where does it start? End? How much walking?

Begin at the Zelienople Area Public Library.  Give your ticket or purchase receipt to the Library staff, or buy a ticket when you arrive.  You will be directed where to begin.  The Hunt also ends at the Library.  Plan on about a mile of walking outdoors, as well.

How can I buy my ticket?  Can I give a ticket as a gift?

You can buy tickets when you arrive, or in advance.  Buy online on our website under Give: Fundraiser Events using Paypal or credit/ debit card, and using your receipt as your ticket.  Or buy at the Library and receive a paper ticket.  You can also buy tickets as gifts for others by purchasing at the Library.

What should I bring?

  • Bring a device with internet service, or plan to use the library’s computers.  
  • A camera with a digital screen is recommended (ie. smart phone), but is not required.
  • Walking shoes and other items for a comfortable outdoor walk.
  • Pencil/ pen.

How hard are the puzzles?

Medium.  No previous puzzle solving experience required, but puzzles are targeted for adults/ teens – solutions are not immediately obvious.  There will be a webpage with hints for the puzzles.  You can also ask the Library staff for hints.  

Will children enjoy it?

There are several pieces that involve finding particular items, that children will enjoy.  The characters and the story are child-friendly.  While children won’t be able to solve the puzzles by themselves, they can participate in all other aspects.

Will adults with no children along enjoy it?

Yes!  The puzzles and clues are targeted to adults (or teens).  You can use your imagination and have fun with it!

What do I win?

If you/ your team successfully complete the Puzzle Hunt, you will receive a small token prize to remember your victory, and can include your picture on our winners FB page.  

Why a Puzzle Hunt for a fundraiser?

About half of the Library’s funding comes through donations and fundraisers.  Most of our fundraiser events are specifically for adults. We wanted to provide a fundraising event that is not only for adults, but also for families with children, because children are one of our largest Library audiences.  Also, with the pandemic, we had to cancel several of our big fundraisers, but the Puzzle Hunt, with the complete-at-your-convenience model, easily accommodates social distancing and avoiding large groups.  

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