Library Survey 2017

Zelienople Area Public Library Survey


Thank you for your ongoing support of the Library!  We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.  Your input will contribute to ­the ongoing delivery of quality services, collections, and programs being offered, as well as confirm if we are successfully meeting the changing needs of the community.

For any questions that are not applicable to you, please place an "N/A" in the text box provided.

1)  From the list of Library benefits below, which three are of most value to you (please select 3):

Borrowing booksFree access to computers and the internetLibrary staff to assist you in locating informationQuiet study space for adults and childrenPrograms and classes for adultsPrograms and classes for children and teensRemote access to Library provided eBooks, eMagazines and other online research resourcesAccess to job/career resourcesRequesting the delivery of books and DVDs from another LibraryParticipating in a Book Club

2)  The Library recently completed a redesign of its Tomorrow or Teen Room.   The new Teen Room offers comfortable seating, a space for groups to work on collaborative projects, and young adult print resources (books and magazines).   Additionally, a flat screen TV and laptop will be available, as well as a rotating display of artwork by local teens and adults.   If you haven’t seen the redesigned Teen Room, please stop by and take a look! We would appreciate your feedback on this initiative by selecting one of the following:

The redesigned Teen Room will be very beneficial for the communityThe redesigned Teen Room will be moderately beneficialThe redesigned Teen Room will not be used

3)  The Library currently offers several community outreach programs to local day care centers, preschools, retirement centers, and elementary schools.  For example, the Library offers a delivery service of library materials to home-bound community patrons.   We would appreciate your feedback on any of these outreach efforts that you have experienced first-hand.   If you haven’t experienced any first-hand, please simply enter “N/A” in the text box below.

Additionally, are there any other outreach services you would like to see developed for the local community, or organizations that you would like to see us partner with?

4)  Because the Library serves as a community center, we are interested in learning if there are any other community needs that are currently not being met.   We are asking this question to see if we could assist--such as purchasing Library resources on specific topics/issues, by providing space for local organziations to hold meetings or persons to hold events, or by providing additional programs, etc.  In the text box below, please provide feedback on any other community need that you would like us to provide support for.

5)  Which of the following Collection items do you wish the Library had more of—Please pick 2:

Adult fictionAdult non-fictionAudiobooksDVDsLarge PrintPrint Magazines/NewspapersYoung adult materialsChildren materialsOnline research databasesOnline books and magazines

6)  Regarding specifically the Library’s print magazine collection, are there any other magazines you would like the Library to have a subscription to:

7)  The Library’s current hours are:

  • Monday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm during the fall, winter, spring
  • Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm during the summer

Are there any additional hours you would want the Library to be opened?

8)  Would it be beneficial to you if the Library was opened on Fridays?


9)  The following Online Resources are being provided to you (free of charge!) via the Butler County Federated Library System, the New Castle Library District, and the State of Pennsylvania.  All are accessible via the Library’s website (   All (but one) of the eresources listed below can be accessed from the Library’s public computers, or accessed remotely from your home computer or mobile device.   Please select the top 3 that you use the most:

OverDrive (eBook collection)Zinio (online Magazine collection)

Power Library—a large collection of online databases (which includes):

Academic Search—collection of online magazine articlesBusiness Source—collection of online business magazinesConsumer Health Complete—collection of resources covering health topicsCyberSmarts—ebook collection for grades 3 to 6EBSCO ebook collection—a large ebook collectionAssociated Press Images Database—collection of AP photographsBookFLIX—addresses online literacy for pre-K to grade 3GreenFILE—“green” topics covered, such as agriculture, architecture, health, technology)MasterFILE—large collection of online articles on most topicsMiddle Search—geared for middle school studentsNewspaper Source Plus—full-text newspaper articlesScience Reference Center—full-text science reference books, journal articlesSIRS Discover—general reference for elementary and middle school students and educatorsTeacher Reference Center—peer-reviewed journal articles for teachers

Additional Resources: Library Edition (this resource cannot be accessed remotely; in-Library use only)Mango—online language learning resourceTERC (Teacher Education Resource Center)—for educatorsOne Click Digital—large collection of downloadable audio booksFreegal—downloadable musicComicPlus—graphic novels and comicsOnePlay—digital gamingPowerLibrary Online Reference Chat—online reference assistance 24/7

10)  Which of the following computer related items do you wish the Library had more of:

Additional public computersLarger monitors for public computersIPads for patron use in the LibraryOther - Please describe (use text box below):

11)  Please provide input on the following Library interior environment items:

  Good Sufficient Could be improved
Lighting: GoodSufficientCould be improved
Noise: GoodSufficientCould be improved
Furniture: GoodSufficientCould be improved
Bathrooms: GoodSufficientCould be improved
Carpet: GoodSufficientCould be improved
Cleanliness: GoodSufficientCould be improved

12)  Which of the following facility related goals do you wish the Library would pursue--please select two:

Expansion of the current comfortable seating areaAdditional parking lotA second comfortable seating areaRedesign of the Circulation/Reference Desk AreaUpgrade of carpetingProvide a Family bathroom

13)  The Library currently offers a meeting room for community members and community organizations to use.   If you have used this service in the past, please provide input on the space and whether or not it was easy to reserve.

14)  A long-range facility improvement goal of the Library is to build an addition on the south side of the Library that would serve as a Community Center (space for meetings, senior center, coffee bar).   Would you support a capital campaign effort for this inititative?


15)  Please provide feedback on whether or not the Library is currently supporting your information and discovery needs.   Select one of the following.

effectively supports sufficiently supports needs enhancement
Services (reference, circulation, inter-library loan) Library services effectively supports my information and discovery needsLibrary services are sufficient in supporting my information and discovery needsLibrary services need enhancement
Programs—Children Children’s programming effectively supports my child’s information and discovery needsChildren’s programing is sufficient in supporting my child’s information and discovery needsChildren’s programing needs enhancement
Programs—Teen Teen programming effectively supports my teen’s information and discovery needsTeen programing is sufficient in supporting my teen’s life-long learning and discovery needsTeen programing needs enhancement
Programs--adult Adult programming effectively supports my information and discovery needsAdult programing is sufficient in supporting my life-long learning and discovery needsAdult programing needs enhancement


If selected “needs enhancement,” use the textbox below to provide input:

16)  We currently offer most of our preschool programs/story times on weekday mornings, but we would like to offer one at a different time.   What days/times would be best for you and your family?

17)  We would like to offer some new children’s programs especially for older elementary and middle school kids.   What types of new children’s programs would you be interested in? Please select 2 from the list below:

Middle School Book ClubLego/Knex ClubSTEAM ClubSensory Friendly Story timesOther

If other, please specify:

18)  If you homeschool, what additional services or programs would you be interested in?

STEM programsLibrary SkillsBook ClubsOther

If other, please specify:

19)  Please provide feedback if you would want the Library to offer classes on the following topics:

High Priority Less Priority
Facebook for beginners High PriorityLess Priority
Google Docs and Google Drive High PriorityLess Priority
Gmail High PriorityLess Priority
Understanding Library eBooks High PriorityLess Priority
Microsoft Excel Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced High PriorityLess Priority
MS Word for Beginners High PriorityLess Priority

20)  We are looking to develop our Teen programs.   Please select 3 that you think your teen would be most interested in:

Financial Literacy—check writing, working toward good creditTeen YogaMovie NightsBook Groups for Teens, or Parents and TeensTeens & Seniors—Teens meet with Seniors to provide tips on using cell phones, ipads, laptops, etc.Guest speakers on Gaming IndustryGuest speakers on 3D printingGuest speakers from members of the community who will talk about their professionsBike rental (2 to 4 bikes)—run by Teens out of the Library

21)  One of the main goals of a public library is to provide adult community members with programs and resources that support adult literacy needs.   This would include providing information on health topics, financial topics, cultural topics, technology topics, etc.   Please provide your rating regarding the Library’s resources and programs that are currently being provided in support of the following adult literacy categories:

Resources for Adults (books, DVDs, eResources)

Good Sufficient Could be enhanced
Health topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Financial topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Cultural topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Technology topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Jobs/Careers GoodSufficientCould be enhanced



Good Sufficient Could be enhanced
Health topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Financial topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Cultural topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Technology topics GoodSufficientCould be enhanced
Jobs/Careers GoodSufficientCould be enhanced

22)  For going forward, please let us know if there are any other services, programs, or resources that you would want to be provided that would better meet your life-long learning, information and discovery needs.

23)  The Library is interested in starting a Friends of the Library Group that would focus on overseeing current Fundraising events, and develop new Fundraising events.   If you would be interested in learning more about this, please respond with a “Yes” below, and call the Library for more information

24)  On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being Very Important and 1 being Not Important), how important is the Zelienople Area Public Library to you:




25)  How often do you use the Library, its website, or Facebook page:

Several times a weekWeeklyMonthlyEvery few monthsOnce or twiceNever used the library or its website

26)  Gender:

MaleFemaleNo answer

27)  Age:

Under 1011-1516-2021 – 3031 – 5556 – 6566 +

28)  Where do you reside:

Jackson TownshipLancaster TownshipHarmony BoroughZelienople BoroughOther

If you would like to supply us with any additional feedback or suggestions, feel free to use the text box below.

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