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education genealogy health & medical
social sciences history, literature, foreign languages family topics


education eResources

For those needing access to quality academic resources, from the Power Library provided by the state of Pennsylvania, ZAPL receives access to many e-resources that will aid you in your research efforts. Use the link below for databases, periodicals, journals, and more.

Click here for Pennsylvania’s Power Library 




genealogy eResources

The Zelienople Area Public Library has a multitude of genealogy resources at your service. So much so that it needs its own webpage to list them all. That page can be found here:

To paint a quick picture of offerings however, it’s good to know that ZAPL provides access to Library Edition, has a Genealogy club that meets monthly, and that we work with many local partners like the Zelienople Historical Society and Historic Harmony, Inc. to bring the community a vast resource bank for those exploring history and family histories. 


Click on the image above to start the process of accessing from home!



health and medical eResources

Zelienople Area Public Library can offer you a multitude of health and medicine resources, both online and in the library. Many of our digital health and medical resources come from the Pennsylvania Power Library linked to above more generally and below more specifically (e.g., Gale: Health and Wellness). Take a look for yourself! 


the Health and Wellness database from Gale

In Gale’s own words:

“Discover reliable health information through access to full-text articles of nursing and allied health journals, pamphlets, newsletters, periodicals, newspapers, encyclopedias, and more. A broad collection of full-text reference works is included!”


The National Library of Medicine is a great resource for those seeking free and credible health and medical science information. Click on the image above to check it out! 


social sciences eResources

For those searching for social science data and information, these major databases from the Pennsylvania Power Library collection are great places to start: 


Both the database pictured above and the one below are described as:

“Peer-reviewed, full-text articles from journals in the areas of the physical and social sciences, technology, medicine, engineering, the arts, literature, and more. Undergraduate researchers can expand and refine search results through the Topic Finder, and citation tools are integrated directly into the user’s workflow.”


Click here or on either image to be directed to the Power Library


history, literature, & foreign language eResources





Mango Languages


Mango Languages is becoming, if it is not already, a world leader in the area of teaching and learning a foreign language. In their own words:

  “Start the conversation in your choice of over 70 world languages and dialects through courses crafted using conversational methodology. Every self-paced language course introduces the learner to cultural insights and grammatical nuances specific to their language of choice, delivered through native speaker dialogue, and created with each individual learner in mind.”  



family topics 

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employment eResources

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