Books by Mail

Library-by-Mail Program Information & Guidelines
This program provides a way for homebound residents in Armstrong, Butler, Lawrence, or Mercer County to receive library materials through the mail. This program is sponsored by the New Castle District Center and is provided to you at no cost.
Please follow the guidelines below.
 Your first selection of materials will be based on the preferences you
marked on your application or per your conversation with a library
staff member.
 Future selections will be based on the information you provide on the “Materials Request Card” that will be included in each delivery.
 Our library’s catalog is available for browsing on our home page at
 You can also contact any one of our staff members to assist you with your requests. Please call 724-658-6659.
 Each mailing of library materials will be in a New Castle Library District reusable canvas bag.
Returning Library Materials:
 When you are finished with your materials, place them back in the canvas bag and turn the address card around to show the library’s name and address.
 Complete the “Materials Request Card” and place in the bag with your materials.
 Place the bag in the mail or give it to your mailman.
Ongoing Mailings:
 Once your materials and request card arrive at the library, a new selection of materials will be made for you.
 Materials will generally be checked out for four weeks.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 724-658-6659.
Thank you!
Library-by-Mail Program
This program is sponsored by the New Castle Library District.